Woman at the well

November 01, 2018
Did you know that we can get so busy doing what we think God wants us to do, that it is extremely easy to miss what He actually wants us to do? Stick around and we’ll talk about it, here on 5 minutes of truth. Most of us, if not all of us, are very familiar with one of the most moving and powerful interactions Jesus ever had with a person when He walked on this planet. It happened just outside of a town called Sychar in Samaria and it involved a person who probably just wanted to be left alon...
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GPR 041: Halloween Special

October 31, 2018
What does scripture say about participating in Halloween?  Why did Paul write the book of Galatians?  Is there any harm in dressing up on Halloween?  Where did Halloween originate and what was its' purpose?  What scripture can we go to to find answers regarding celebrating such events as Halloween? Listen to tonight's show! Robert Houghton and Danny Purvis share scripture that will ease your Halloween inquisitive mind! Find out an "in a nutshell" answer tonight!  No...
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GPR 040: Genesis 4-6 Cain-Noah

October 24, 2018
How bad IS sin?  Why is sin a threat to mankind? Is there anything inherently wrong with a woman desiring her husband? What does that even mean!? According to Gods Word, what is the husband's role in the household? How did "The Fall" affect marriages? Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis discuss these topics and expound on Biblical explanations behind "The Fall" Where did Cain get his wife, anyway? How were those first people created? How did pre-Christ times differ...
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GPR 039: Intro to Genesis

October 17, 2018
What is so important about Genesis? Genesis is made up of 50 JAM PACKED Chapters!  It is crucial we "get" the first three chapters to "get" the entirety of The Bible "right".  What two books of the Bible start with "In the Beginning"? God created the world in six days? Literally or Figuratively? What same phrase is repeated over and over again in Genesis?  Listen in tonight as we delve into the first three chapters of this fascinating creation story! What does God have to say to Moses about...
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A Miracle to hide Jesus?

October 15, 2018
You probably know that while on this planet, Jesus performed many miracles designed to show people Who He really was. But did you know that one time He performed a miracle to hide His identity? Stick around and we’ll talk about it. Here on five minutes of truth. There are a myriad of reasons why Jesus performed miracles while He walked on this earth more than 2,000 years ago. He did so to prove that He had been s...
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