GPR 019: A Failed View Of Evangelism | New Toy

May 16, 2018
Continuing our series A Mile Wide And An Inch Deep Dr. Danny discusses “A failed view of evangelism” How the church has let the world influence the way it does evangelism. This book was mentioned by Danny.
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GPR 018: Failed View Of Thinking | Mushrooms

May 09, 2018
Dr. Danny and Robert discuss the world’s flawed thinking, Classic Cartoons, Mushroom believers and more “Crap the world teaches.”   The Fallacy Detective book mentioned in the show
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GPR 017: A Failed View of Trust | Crap the world teaches about Marriage

May 02, 2018
– Dr. Danny Purvis and Robert Houghton discuss what it means to be a “mile wide and an inch deep” and how the “Seeker Sensitive Movement” reduced the average Christians depth of the knowledge of God. -“Crap” the world teaches about marriage! Check out our new blog series about marriage at Email us at
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GPR 016: Special Guests from Renew The Arts, Boundaries of Christian Art and Consumption

April 25, 2018
Special guests Justus Stout and Michael Minkoff from Renew The Arts join us to discuss liberating Christian Art. Dr. Danny and Robert Discuss boundaries of creation and consumption of Christian art.  Specific questions about the Walking Dead and Disney. Visit Micheal Minkoff’s book According to His Excellent Greatness: The Practice of A...
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