GPR 037: Commentary on Social Justice and a special guest appearance by Dr. Mike Chandler

October 03, 2018
What do we mean by "Social Justice"?  What is the idea behind "Social Justice"?  Can you place trust in "Social Justice"?   What does the Bible say about "Social Justice"?  What was the moment politics was instated?  What are the two goals of politicians? Do we have your attention!?  Join us in this episode of Growth Project and hear Dr. Danny Purvis, Dr. Mike Chandler and Robert Houghton as they expound on this controversial subject of "Social Justice".  You'll be...
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GPR 036: Special Guest Dr. Mike Chandler

September 27, 2018
Adoption and Expository preaching with Dr. Mike Chandler and Dr. Danny Purvis. Dr. Mike Chandler joins host Dr. Danny Purvis to discuss his new book on expository preaching and to learn about how his family became a cross-cultural adoption advocate and youtube vlogger. Visit Dr. Mike Chandlers Website Family Channel      
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GPR 035: Ephesians discussion | ch 6 | Submission and the Armor of God

September 19, 2018
 Tonight Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis will be teaching and discussing sound doctrinal truths including but not limited to Complimentarianism and Egalitarianism as we discuss Ephesians Chapter 6!! What is the basic presupposition of egalitarianism? Is it in the church? What does God have to say about our roles as husband and wife? What is the sound biblical meaning of submission in a marriage? H...
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GPR 34: Special Guest Coleen Sharp of Theology Gals Discussing Biblical Submission and the Role of Women

September 12, 2018
How does God instruct husbands and wives to submit to each other?  What rules and guidelines apply theologically? What are some of the worlds and some believers presuppositions about submission and how has it been misunderstood?  Who does God call to lead the family and church? What is God's intention regarding submission and what does submission even mean!? How does it work? Also in tonight's discussion, we have the great pleasure of speaking with Coleen Sharp of T...
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GPR 33: Ephesians discussion | ch 4 | unity based in love | defining love | knowing God

September 05, 2018
Ephesians 4 How does Works fit in with Unity? What are the steps involved? What does Love have to do with Unity? What do you think is one of the biggest mistakes we make in our marriages? Do you think love is based on a feeling? What would you say love is based on? Who does God tell us we need to love? The answer may shock you! Find out how we get that ability. What do you think the difference is between knowing God vs knowing about God? Tune in for some lively discussion on these facts an...
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