GPR 024: Job week 3.5 & 4 - Good intentions but Bad Theology | Job and his freinds

June 20, 2018
Job’s friends had the best of intentions but bad theology. Job’s theology wasn’t much better. This was a topic we didn’t get to discuss last episode. Plus more fun and theology in this episode of Growth Project Radio. Job 2 and 3. Outro Music KB – No Chains © Reach Record
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GPR 23 Job week 3 - Fiction | Contradictions | Gone with the Wind

June 13, 2018
WEEK THREE Reading- Supplementary Reading- Questions to ponder: 1. Why did God basically ask Satan the same questions He asked in chapter 1 (a)? 2. What was God trying to say to Satan by emphasizing Job’s perseverance? 3. What did God say about the idea that He had allowed these things to happen to Job as punishment for sin on Job’s part (b)? 4. What are we to make of Satan’s continued desire to bargain with the only omniscient Being in the univ...
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GPR 22: Job Study - Chastening vs Punishment | God vs Satan | Questions

June 06, 2018
Reading- JOB 1:1-22 Supplementary Reading- John 5:1-9 Questions to Covered: 1. If God is omniscient, why did God ask Satan where he had come from ()? 2. What was the real meaning behind Satan’s answer (see )? 3. Why did God mention Job after Satan’s answer ()? 4. In , Satan gives us his philosophy of humanity as it relates to God. What in essence is Satan saying about humanity’s relationship with God? 5. What prohibition did God place on Satan...
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GPR 021: Job Study Intro | Presuppositions | Questions

May 30, 2018
WEEK ONE Reading: Supplementary Reading: , . Questions discussed 1. Why do you think God went into such detail about Job’s character? 2. How does God portray Job as a father? 3. Why does God tell us how wealthy Job is? 4. In, why does Jesus answer the Rich Young Ruler’s question with a question? 5. What is the significance of the question Jesus asks the Ruler? 6. What incorrect presupposition did...
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GPR 020: A Failed View of God's Word | Dangerous Spouse

May 23, 2018
In this final episode of our Mile Wide and an Inch Deep series, we discuss the how an erroneous view of God’s word will lead to an improper view of salvation. Followed by a discussion about marriage stemming from the question, “Is your wife the most Dangerous person on the planet”?
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