GPR 027: Our Testimonies | Housekeeping

July 18, 2018
Robert and Dr. Purvis share their testimonies after catching up on some awesome things going on with Growth Project. Mentioned in Show: Lauren Daigle Striving for Eternity Mariage Retreat Sign Up Ruth and Job
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GPR 026: Job Week 6 God Speaks to Job | God is in control | Job Repents

July 11, 2018
WEEK SIX Reading- Job chapters 38-42 Supplementary Reading- ; ; ; Questions to ponder: 1. What tone are we supposed to take away reading God’s opening words to Job ()? 2. Do you think God is chastising Job here? 3. When trying to teach Job what role He has in pain and suff...
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GPR 025: Job Week 5 More Bad Theology From Job's Friends

June 27, 2018
WEEK FIVE Reading- Job Chapters 4-37 Selected Readings- 4:1-8; 5:1-2; 6:8-10; 7:1-11; 8:1-7; 10:1-7; 11:1-6; 12:1-3; 13:1-21; 18:1-4; 21:1-3; 22:1-11; 28:12-28; 29:1-25; 32:1-6; 33:8-12; 34:1-12; 36:24-33; 37:14-24 Questions to ponder: 1. What was Eliphaz’s rationality for speaking after observing seven days of mournful silence ()? 2. What was Eliphaz’s errant theology concerning God’s involvement with pain and suffering ()? 3. Is...
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GPR 024: Job week 3.5 & 4 - Good intentions but Bad Theology | Job and his freinds

June 20, 2018
Job’s friends had the best of intentions but bad theology. Job’s theology wasn’t much better. This was a topic we didn’t get to discuss last episode. Plus more fun and theology in this episode of Growth Project Radio. Job 2 and 3. Outro Music KB – No Chains © Reach Record
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GPR 23 Job week 3 - Fiction | Contradictions | Gone with the Wind

June 13, 2018
WEEK THREE Reading- Supplementary Reading- Questions to ponder: 1. Why did God basically ask Satan the same questions He asked in chapter 1 (a)? 2. What was God trying to say to Satan by emphasizing Job’s perseverance? 3. What did God say about the idea that He had allowed these things to happen to Job as punishment for sin on Job’s part (b)? 4. What are we to make of Satan’s continued desire to bargain with the only omniscient Being in the univ...
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