GPR 047: The Incarnation Final Episode of 2018

December 19, 2018
We end our season with the climax of the Incarnation. See you in 2019!
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GPR 46: Simeon

December 12, 2018
He's mentioned only once in Bible.  Who is he?   What purpose did God have in store for him? Why and how did Simeon know so much about the Messiah, Jesus?  Where can you find discussion regarding Simeon in the Bible?  What did God promise Simeon and what did Simeon say once he had finally met Jesus?  The level of his insight about Jesus is amazing.  Listen in to tonight's episode and be enlightened and delighted once again as Richard Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis expound on this unassuming man o...
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GPR 45: Trivia! Misconceptions about the Nativity Story

December 05, 2018
Listen as Robert fails miserably at obscure Bible trivia. Learn and laugh on this episode of Growth Project Radio
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GPR 44: Genesis 10-12

November 28, 2018
Is there a price to pay for sin? What exactly does Grace cover? What is the purpose for the genealogy in Genesis? In this episode of Growth Project, Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis discuss the consistent pattern God uses throughout the Old Testament.  What was so special about Nimrod? What was all the fuss about Babel? Why does God choose to use us? What was the covenant between God and Noah? And what was so special about Abraham!? Imagine the discussion between Abraham and Sarah when...
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Thanksgiving Special

November 14, 2018
What is the religious significance of Thanksgiving?  What was the original intent?  Thanks to whom and for what?  How does it reflect our relationship with God?  How do you define sin? Join in on this episode of Growth Project and hear some interesting fun facts and Biblical perspective regarding the 1st Thanksgiving and some behind the scenes stories from back on that original day! Another fun fact-filled episode of Thanks!!
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