GPR 031: Ephesians discussion | Ch 1 | What is an Apostle | Does God choose some for salvation?

August 15, 2018
Ephesians Chapter 1 Whats an Apostle and does God choose certain people for salvation? This week’s lesson is a biblical view of Paul’s letter to Ephesus. Paul was on a missionary journey in which he would plan, build, and move on to various destinations to teach the Word of God and help set up churches there.  Inevitably, problems always followed once he moved on to the nex...
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GPR 030: Special Guest Andrew Rappaport

August 08, 2018
How important is it to have sound doctrine to teach sound theology? In this podcast, we interview special guest Andrew Rappaport.  Join us as he expounds on his newest book, “What Do We Believe”.  Andrew has an extensive background in Judaism as well as 30 years’ experience of “Open Air Evangelism” or “Street Evangelism”.  Listen in on th...
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Bonus Episode: Suicide to Salvation | Interview with James Watkins

August 02, 2018
Pastor James Watkins shares how an attempted suicide lead him to the Gospel. Do “Christians” consider suicide? If I commit suicide, will Igo to Heaven or Hell, or maybe somewhere “in between”? If we are “truly” “Christians”, would we even contemplate this deed at all!?? You might find yourself wondering about these and other questions regarding that hopeless feeling so deep. You feel unloved, unnecessary, everyone will be...
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GPR 029: Suicide and the Worlds Lies - Part 2 of 2

August 01, 2018
SUICIDE PART 2: Convinced we are gods? DISCLAIMER: Dr. Purvis and Robert want to express the fact that they are not experts nor professionals by any stretch of the imagination but have a passion to help us understand suicide from a Theological standpoint… In this episode of Growth Project Radio Dr. Danny Purvis and Robert D Houghton discuss the statistics of just how big an issue s...
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GPR 028: Suicide and it's root cause

July 25, 2018
Dr. Purvis recounts his time working with suicidal people as Navy Chaplain for 20 years. We discuss some of the root causes in the first part of this two-part series. Suicide Hotline Call 1-800-273-8255 Suicide Prevention
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